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Community Engagement Important to a Life Lived in Service to Christ By The Crossing Church, Elk River, MN

When God creates a person, He endows that person with special talents. As part of a Christian’s spiritual journey, he or she can use those God-given skills to make an impact on the community at large through the church.

This opportunity holds special importance for newly devoted followers of Christ, who may need practice pushing beyond their immediate community to serve others. In fact, thousands of Christians follow in Jesus’s footsteps every year by actively involving themselves in faith-based charities.

For instance, Christians of all denominations continue to support those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Over 1,000 people, many of who volunteers with Catholic Charities and the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, participate in door-to-door resident checkups, furnish meals, and help clean up in the hardest hit parts of New York City.

By volunteering, Christians demonstrate the compassion and mercy inspired by Jesus.

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