About The Crossing Church

Eric Dykstra and his wife Kelly are the lead Pastors of The Crossing (crossing-church.com), an ambitious effort to bring to Jesus those people “no one else is reaching.” With four campuses to the northwest of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, The Crossing has grown rapidly since Pastors Eric and Kelly established the first campus in Elk River in 2004. Since then, The Crossing Church has experienced unprecedented success in reaching those for whom organized religion has hitherto held no appeal, in the process bringing thousands of people and their families to Jesus.


The Crossing’s success in attracting new members is due in large part to the setting of ambitious goals, and then working and praying hard to meet them. Modern marketing techniques and knowledge of demographics play a part as well. For instance, while The Crossing (crossing-church.com) is like other Christian churches in opening its doors to all, it specifically targets young men, in the twenties to early thirties age bracket, for its outreach efforts. The reasoning behind this approach is simple: When these young men visit the church, about 85 percent of them bring their families, and The Crossing aims to touch as many lives as possible!


Visitors to The Crossing’s worship services find a warm, vibrant community. Refreshments are available, as are areas for children to play while parents attend the service. Worship services are intended for adults, but families that do not wish to be separated will be accommodated in special family seating. Unlike at traditional churches, the sanctuary opens only a few moments before the service commences, affording all the opportunity to mingle and interact rather than sit silently in pews.


While The Crossing’s main goal is to bring people to Jesus, it also provides members a host of activities and services to help them keep true to their faith and find Jesus-centered solutions to the obstacles they will invariably encounter. For example, The Crossing (crossing-church.com) encourages members to join small groups that get together periodically during the week to have meals together, study Scripture and issues of faith, and just spend time together.

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